Archaeological Museum of Paros

Archaeological Museum of Paros

Archaeological Museum of Paros

Τhe Archaeological Museum of Paros

In 1960 a large hall was built next to the Middle School in order to house the antiquities found on Paros that until then, they were stored in the cells of Ekatontapyliani. The second hall was built at the end of that decade and in 1995 construction began again and the Museum was extended to its present dimensions.


The collection contains:

Hall A: Sculpture of the Ancient and Classical Periods.

Hall B: Small ceramic and sculpted artifacts from the Neolithic, Proto- Cycladic, Mycenaean, Geometric, Archauc, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods.


Courtyard: Sculpture , architectural elements, internment urns/sarcophagu and a mossaic floor from the Roman Period.


Some of the most significant exhibits:


  • A 6th century BC Gorgon sculpture 1,36m high, in nearly perfect condition. It was a central feature of a temple. Found in 1993, during excavations of an ancient public building. (museum cat.#1285)


  • Two marble relief sculptures from a monument to Archilohos, late 6th cenrury BC : One shows Archilohos lying in state, the other a bull being ravaged by a lion. Both pieces were found incorporated in the flooring of the courtyard of Ekatontapyliani. (cat. # 758-759)

  • A colossal marble statue of Artemis (490-480 BC) from the Delion Temple on Paros, 2,74m (including plinth). It is a votive sculpture in the fashion of the Archaic “Kores” wearing a tunic (cat. #1251)

  • A marble Nike, 1,35m, missing the head arms and wings dating to 470 BC. Found in the Castle of Parikia. (cat. #245)

  • A marble staue of an enthroned Goddess, 1,57m missing the head and the arms. Discovered in 1885 by Lowey in the region of Agkairia. (cat. #162)

  • A marble Ionian column head from the 6th century BC with the crown of a column dedicated to the monument to Archilohos with an extant epigraph referring to the etablishment of the monument by Dokimo in the 4th century BC (cat. #733)

  • Neolithic feminine idol sitting cross legged with her hands under her breasts (height of the remains 0,055m). Found on the island of Saliagkos, between Paros and Antiparos. (cat. #886)

  • Marble statue of a “Kore” in a tunic, 0,86m, 6th century BC found in the Protoria of Naoussa. (cat. #802)

  • The lower portion of a “Kouros”, 0,81m, 3rd quarter of the 6th century BC

  • Parian chronicle epigraph cotaining historic, religious and philological information from prehistoric years until 264 BC. One of the plaques has been retained in Paros, two others are in Oxford.